My IVF retrieval date is officially on the calendar--in pen. I'm scheduled to go in Sunday morning to have these follicles harvested! Praying for lots of beautiful little eggs.

I took my trigger shot tonight at exactly 8:30. I'm triggering with Lupron, which means a pounding headache, but I'm thankful that I didn't have to deal with Lupron headaches until now. I can handle just a day or two, for sure (the second part of my trigger is tomorrow morning at 8:30 am).

I was also excited that I got to play "chemist" today with my injection of Pregnyl. This particular med comes in a powder form that you need to reconstitute. The process involves a couple different needles, two vials, a solvent, etc. Kind of makes me miss Mr. Kingman, my high school science teacher. He would be proud to see me measuring with such accuracy. If only I had a white lab coat! I totally would have worn it.

So I go back to my RE tomorrow for one more check before the big day. I've got several follies measuring at 18 or 19, and a couple dozen not far behind. As long as everything goes according to plan, this retrieval should be like harvesting basil--you end up with so much you just have to make a pesto or something.


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