Hip, hip, hooray! The results of our PGD (pre-implantation genetic diagnosis) testing are in! Of the eight embryos that made it to Day 6, FIVE of them were genetically and chromosomally normal! This is fantastic news, and it means we now have five more attempts at making baby #2 a reality.

We have a big decision to make over the next few days. We were pretty set on transferring two embryos during this FET cycle given my history of failed cycles. However, our RE is recommending that we only put one embryo back. Because it was confirmed to be a "normal" embryo, there is really no increase in success rates if we put two back. The only thing we are increasing is our risk of having twins. 

I'm hesitant, but I think we might be leaning toward a single-embryo transfer. Twins would be a lot of fun, but I don't know if we're really financially, physically, and emotionally prepared for the whirlwind that comes along with two newborns (plus our diva 3-year-old). And there's so many more complications that can arise from a twin pregnancy... I think we are going to listen to our RE and do what he thinks is best.

I'm really getting excited now, knowing that we made it through so many hurdles. Tomorrow morning I have another ultrasound to check my lining. Fingers crossed we'll be starting those awful Progesterone shots soon!


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