Our transfer date is now officially on the calendar! Wednesday, April 3rd, is the big day. I can't believe we're finally at this point! It seems like things have moved so slowly, but we've  just been taking every phase of this process one step at a time. 

We opted to slow things down in hopes that my body (uterus) would be a little more hospitable come transfer time. Here's to hoping it worked!

I started my Progesterone injections on Friday, and boy, do I NOT miss these things. The shot itself isn't so bad, but the welt and/or bruise that follows is, quite literally, a pain in the ass. I try to at least smile while I'm complaining about them to my hubby--lest I forget what a struggle it was just to get to this point. I'm grateful for my now daily shot in the butt.

On the single vs. double embryo transfer conundrum, we decided to stick with the advice of our doctor and only transfer one embryo. He felt very confident that these embies are great quality, and he said we should feel confident that a single embryo transfer is the right decision. We figured, we pay him the big bucks to give us this advice; we'd probably be crazy not to take it.

Now, we're left with one more decision to make... a BIG one. Do we choose the gender? 

Because we did PGD testing, we have the amazing benefit of knowing what gender our embryos are. We have 3 boys and 2 girls, and we can choose which gender we want to transfer. We currently have one daughter and would LOVE to be able to add a boy to our family, but is it creepy that we're making this decision? 

Right now, we're leaning toward choosing the boy. I'm sure there will be those who have concerns about how this choice is somehow unethical or taking God even further out of the equation--I've heard many of these arguments over the years. But, after all we have to go through during the IVF process and after everything that absolutely sucks about infertility, we would be crazy to not take advantage of the one benefit we have. 

We have to call our nurse with our final instructions tomorrow, and I think one beautiful boy embryo will be our decision. 


04/02/2013 10:21am

I don't think it's unethical at all. We transferred a girl embryo two weeks ago! Of course, we didn't have a choice - she was the only chromosomally normal of the bunch. :) She implanted, but decided not to stick around. :-/ We're trying again this summer, and we'll know the genders again because of PGD (PGD for a balanced translocation on my part). We'd not change a thing!


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