Well, here we are again-back at the start of another IVF cycle. It feels a bit like Chutes & Ladders... just when you think you're about to win the game, you land on that damn chute that sends you careening right back to the beginning. But we've dusted ourselves off and are ready to try again.

We met with our RE a few weeks ago to talk about what went wrong with our last cycle. He didn't have any real answers... just speculation about what could have happened. Unfortunately, not much about my reproductive system makes sense, so it's impossible to know for sure. 

It could have been that our embryo, although biopsied and deemed chromosomally normal, was mosaic-ed. So the cells that were biopsied happened to be normal, but the rest of the embryo was not. It could have also been that the embryo was forced away from the lining when a subchorionic hematoma ruptured. Very rare, but possible.

The important point of our conversation with our RE was that there's nothing we can do differently. We have now run every test that we can possibly run. I gave 15 vials of blood just before this appointment to look for clotting disorders, lupus, thyroid disorders, protein abnormalities... everything came back negative. I had another saline sonogram to check for anything suspicious in my uterus... everything looked great. Now, we just have to try again.

I'm on a cocktail of estrogen and progesterone right now to build my lining in preparation for my "endometrial disruption" on Friday. This 30-second biopsy-like procedure will hopefully create a healthy, white-blood-cell-filled lining when we start building things back up again after my period. 


06/05/2013 7:00pm

Here we go AGAIN!


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