I've been injecting myself with medications for close to four years now; but Wednesday night, as I was about to inject my first dose of Follistim and Low Dose HCG, my brain completely froze. I couldn't, for the life of me, remember if it was okay to inject both meds within the same couple of ice-numbed inches on my stomach. What a silly little thing to forget. It turns out, after a phone call to my nurse, that it was just fine to inject them about two inches apart. Issue resolved. But I was left feeling a little unsettled about my memory lapse. It appears that I've developed IVF amnesia. 

I've always been envious of those women who could recall every detail about every cycle at any given moment. "Oh, my Day 3 estrogen during my second cycle was 73." Meanwhile, I can barely remember my estrogen from this morning! Am I the only one whose bloodwork results go in one ear and out the other?

I also can't seem to remember when I started feeling certain side-effects from the meds. For instance, I probably would not have worn skinny jeans out to dinner tonight if I had remembered that bloating really started to kick in after the 4th day of injections. (Apologies to those who saw my undies when I stood up to leave, forgetting that my pants were unbuttoned.)

There is one really great aspect to this IVF amnesia, however. It makes this feel like something brand new all over again. Sure, it's comforting to know what you're doing; but man, is it exciting to go into each ultrasound not sure what to expect.

This morning, my ultrasound showed everything was progressing as it should. I have about 60 follicles about to grow, which means some serious discomfort is on the way. Fortunately, I just can't quite remember when that will set in.

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