Technically, I'm knocked up! At least until a beta proves otherwise. And I'm feeling pretty good about this.

I had my embryo transfer on Wednesday in a magical place called Basking Ridge, NJ where the fertility fairies visit at night to turn our hopeless eggs and little lost sperm into beautiful Day 6 embryos. It's either the fairies or the medically trained reproductive endocrinologists and embryologists--either/or. 

The procedure itself began so smoothly. I had my own private transfer room with soft meditation-style music flowing from the speakers. A laser acupuncturist brought me to a Zen-like state where, if I didn't have to pee so bad from filling my bladder, I could have drifted right off to sleep.

In the past, I had always then gone into the operating room to have my embryos replaced; but now, the embryos come to you. They deliver! 

Within about ten minutes, technicians started wheeling in ultrasound machines, tables full of sterile equipment, and--of course--our little embryo. He proudly rode right into the room in an incubator with an embryologist leading the way. It was amazing to watch the room transform into a private O.R. My RE came in with my embryo's very first little portrait and said it was time to get started. 

I'm usually really tense about the whole "setup" for this part. I don't think I'm alone in my disdain for speculums, and cleaning the cervix is super uncomfortable. Not to mention I'm doing this with a partially full bladder to produce a better ultrasound image with a doctor telling me to "try to relax your legs." Pretty sure that's the last thing you'd really want, doc. 
Relaxation = urination in my book.

But this time around, I didn't even pay attention to what was happening from the waist down. I barely remember the prep at all. I was so focused on the mind blowing process happening right in front of my eyes. An arm's length away, I watched the embryologist preparing my little baby-to-be. I saw her prepare the catheter, identify my embryo on the video monitor, and suck him up into the tube of the catheter. It was fascinating, and, I must say, my little guy looked like one handsome little embryo on screen! 

The embryologist then brought the catheter over to my doctor who carefully inserted it right into the center of my uterine cavity. On the ultrasound monitor, I watched the little droplet of an embryo being deposited right where it should be. I was just in awe of how every piece of this process came together, like one amazing symphony. 

And then, I thought, this was like IVF Hibachi...performed right here in front of me! All that was missing was a flaming volcano of onion rings! I momentarily cracked myself up and then went back to focusing on relaxation.

I'm praying, praying, praying that this little guy sticks! And I'm already counting down the days until I can take a home pregnancy test. Ya know, to drive myself nuts until the beta. Fingers crossed for a bfp!!!


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