Less than 12 hours to go until I get to be first in line at my RE's office for my beta blood draw! The office opens at 6:00 am, and I plan on being there 15 minutes before. I made my nurse promise she would call me before anyone else. Nuts, I know, but patience is not my strongest characteristic. Persistence; yes. Patience; no. 

I'm feeling a little extra crampy today, which has me worrying, so I'm trying to drink lots of water. I could just be a little dehydrated from all of this warm weather we've been having. This is the sound of me trying to be positive, cause you know my mind is turning 1,000 mph with all the horrible things that could be going wrong. 

But on this Beta-Day Eve, I celebrated by taking my 8th home pregnancy test of this cycle. It's still positive, and still looking darker than the day before. My fingers and toes are crossed for a strong beta number. Then we can let out a little sigh of relief... at least until we start worrying about the next hurdle in this journey.


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