Telegenetic counseling. That's the fancy way to describe a Skype session to get your genetic test results back. I think it's creative, and it's inspiring me to use all kinds of fancy talk around here. (I don't just cook dinner in a Crockpot; I create our meal through a process of prolonged-warmth exposure.) 

The good news is that both the hubby and I are chromosomally normal and at a significantly decreased risk of passing any genetic disorders on to our embryos. We're not in the clear, but we've been tested for over 100 different possibilities, and our odds of one of these genetic disorders affecting our offspring is about 1 in a million. Great news for us! But we still have no answer to why so many of our beautiful embryos expire.

I suppose, now, we revert back to the generic "bad egg" diagnosis; and we hope that a 20-pound weight loss is enough to improve my rotten eggs. It's about all we can do as we wait for... Cycle Day One.


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    Infertility has been messing with my family for the past five years. We've seen amazing highs and the most heartbreaking of lows; but with each passing cycle, we've grown a little closer, a little crazier, and a little more willing to just eat the freaking pineapple core. 


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