Well, the IVF amnesia is starting to lift, and I'm kinda feeling like I know what I'm doing again. That doesn't mean I don't still call my nurse with a million questions (I can take Tylenol, right?), but at least I'm not forgetting how to do my shots every night.

I'm on day six of the stim phase now, and my eggs are definitely growing. I've got dozens in there--five dozen, to be a little more exact, and my lead follicle was up to 15 mm as of yesterday. I'll go back in tomorrow morning for another ultrasound to check their progress, but things appear to be lining up for a weekend retrieval. Last time, I had 35 eggs retrieved. I'm guessing we'll have at least the same number this time.

I feel a bit like a stuffed Thanksgiving turkey today, a feeling I vividly remember from my previous cycles. And, with about four more days to go, I'm wondering if I have enough sweatpants to make it to retrieval day. I've already taken my favorite jeans out of rotation (yes, the skinny jeans I wore to dinner last weekend--bye, bye), so it's just yoga pants and sweats until all of this bloating subsides. 

As much as I want to complain about it, the bloating is a really great thing. It means my eggs are growing, and my contribution to baby #2 is in there somewhere. Some fat pants and the need to lay on the couch all evening is totally worth it.


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